We talk and you comment..an experiment

Pablo & I decided to do a little experiment. We both like to talk about everyday issues that affect people. So we decided to share with the world and get your input on things. We decided to do this in video form.

Below are the first 3 video’s. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Video #1

Video #2


Video #3


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El Rumbon …my first gig with Pablo

Saturday night I went to one of Pablo’s gigs for the first time. I had been at two of the practices they had before this gig, so it was interesting to see how it all came out at the actual event.

The band is called El Rumbon and they are a Latin dance band from Ithaca, NY and they played at AGAVA Restauraunt & bar in Ithaca.

When we got there, AGAVA was already packed. Apparently they have some awesome food because every table was filled.  As people in the main dining room finished eating, they would remove their table, until all the tables were gone. Then they had a dance floor.

And dance the patrons did! El Rumbon were very well received.

the crowd

Although I don’t understand much Spanish I still loved the music.  I’m thinking I may take some Salsa dancing lessons!

Here are some pictures of the band….


Charlie Izzo

forgot their names!

Rick Huyge on Sax, Flute, & Vocals; •Ryan Zawel: Tombone, Vocals…(forgot other guys name…oops!)


Pablo in the back left on Timbabla’s; Sammy in the middle singing…couple other guys


Pablo Arnau and Sammy

Pablo Arnau and Sammy


It was interesting watching the people dance and I met some great people while I was there too. The staff at AGAVA are wonderful.

If you live in the Central New York area, you should make a point of coming out to see these guys. You won’t regret it!

If you would be interested in hiring the band for an event, let me know & I’ll pass the word along.

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Our own kind of crazy!


Call us crazy kids or whatever but Pablo & I just like to be silly and have fun. This past Friday, I went to visit family in Pennsylvania. I came back Saturday night. My daughter needed a ride to Fulton to babysit, so I asked Pablo if he wanted to go out for a drink.


I picked him up and we drove to Monaries. When we got there we decided we didn’t want to go out and came back to my house.  For some reason we decided to get on Facebook and do a “prank post” so he commented on this:


Me: So happy to see my honey tonight… #He‘sSoCute

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  • We had to stop the prank post because we were laughing so hard we were crying. My son’s were looking at us like we’re nuts (oh yeah, we are!) We kept thinking of bizarre things to say back and forth.
    My point here?
    I have so much fun when I’m with Pablo. It has been a long time since I laughed uncontrollably.
    Laughter is good for your health and good for your soul. Laughter helps create more joy. When you are more joyful, you are more loving. Then you have more love to share.
    So go ahead and be silly, grab a bunch of joy. Feel the love…share it!

    Pablo goofy face

    Pablo making faces at my daughter through a window.

How can I resist this man…lol?

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Another hole in the nose!

So I ventured into new territory the other day.  I went to a tattoo/piercing parlor and got my nose pierced! I’ve always wanted to do it but never in a million years did I think I would.

My late husband was TOTALLY against the boys getting their ears pierced. He wasn’t crazy about the boys or our daughter getting anything else pierced either. So out of respect for his feelings on the matter, I never got my nose done.

The other day I just thought about it and said “Maybe I will now”.

I jumped on my facebook page and started asking my fans…I mean friends…what they thought.  Several people who commented have had it done. Nothing too scary in any of the comments.

I asked my sweetie Pablo what he thought. He said ,”It’s gonna hurt really bad”.  I told him I can handle it, to which he replied, “Go for it!”

I love that man!

I asked if he wanted to come hold my hand. He came, but didn’t hold my hand.

He took pictures…lol!

carolee nose piercing 2

This is where we’ll poke you!

carolee nose piercing

Man! That was about 1/2 second of OWWWW!

All done! That was quick!

All done! That was quick!

I have to wait 6 weeks until I can change the stud. I can’t wait. This one is so small. I’m planning on getting a purple one…my favorite color.

That first day, it only hurt if I intentionally flared my nostrils. Now it doesn’t hurt at all.

Anyone contemplating doing it, I say “Go for it!”

And don’t forget to bring a friend to hold your hand take pictures! Lol

Thanks Pablo for coming along- you are so good to me.

Me & Pablo

Me & Pablo

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Moving on…Meet Pablo

This may be an odd thing to post on the heels of my post about my late husband but it is what it is. This is my life here.

God has blessed me unbelievably with the gift of a certain gentleman by the name of Pablo Arnau.


I’ll try to keep this brief, although there is so much to tell!

About a month or two after my husband died, Pablo joined our church and started playing bass guitar for our worship team. One night in February, he had Facebook messaged me and said he thought I was a really nice woman and he would like to take me out for coffee and get to know me.

I explained that my husband Ron had recently passed and thanks but no thanks. He was cool with that and let me know if I needed anything he was there. Over the months we would talk by Facebook messenger maybe once a month just to say hi.

For several months I had been going through MAJOR grieving. Probably worse than the first few months of Ron’s death. Just something about the thought of it being almost a year, and Ron’s birthday, date of death and what would have been our second anniversary right around the corner.

I think right around November things started slowly changing in mine and Pablo’s friendship although I didn’t even realize it until I thought back. We talked a bit more at church and on messenger. I really dug watching him play with the worship team. He made me smile.

We started talking fairly regularly on Facebook. The anniversary date of Ron’s death was on a Sunday. I was contemplating skipping church because I was afraid I would be too emotional. But Pablo convinced me to come. So I did, and honestly I was fine that morning.

When I got to church Pablo was talking to another guy so I just walked by and said, “Good Morning boys.” When I came back through Pablo was waiting and said so gently, “Come here”.  We hugged…and hugged…lol.

I had to go make the coffee so we went into the kitchen where we just talked non stop about his gig the night before and only God knows what else. Then we heard Pastor Rich start the service by welcoming everyone and saying a few words. Suddenly we hear him say, “Are you ready to worship God?” Pablo and I are like, Uh-oh. He was supposed to already be up on stage…

Our kitchen has two swinging doors..one on each end of the kitchen. I hugged Pablo and told him Good Luck. He ran out one door and up onto the stage and I ran out the other door. Too funny! I felt like everyone was watching!

That feeling continued when we were worshipping and I happened to look his way- he is sort of hidden behind a couple of other members. He leaned over and looked at me and smiled and I just GRINNED and probably turned all shades of red.

Some of our worship team playing at Hopefest. Pablo is second to the right near the keyboard player.

Later that afternoon Pablo was paintballing with his friend and friends son. Pablo, who is 58 years old decided to be Rambo and fell to his stomach shooting the gun. Unfortunately he also broke his collar bone and cracked several ribs in the process.

That rules out a lot of stuff most people would do on a date…every move hurt him.

We went out for breakfast a day or two later…then I dragged him out to Christmas shop for my grandson. I swear we knew that day that we were onto something here.

Over the last couple of weeks we have gone out several times.  One night we went to the mall…I REALLY had to get that Christmas shopping done. In the long run we sat in the stuffed chairs in the middle of the mall for like two hours just talking about God, love, our kids, my husband, whatever. It was really the best time. And every time we see each other it is more of the same.

We tried to keep on the low down but well we just couldn’t. I talked to my kids and Ron’s one son (the one who lives with me and I was especially worried about). They were ok with it. Then one by one I told all of mine and Ron’s friends.

I was so happy that everyone I told said I deserved to be happy and they know Ron would want that for me. Everyone that meets Pablo seems to like him and says Ron would approve. Whew! That helped.

Christmas was really a bag of mixed emotions. My kids hadn’t yet met Pablo and I didn’t know how appropriate it would be to invite him over here. It was our second Christmas with out Ron, but last year he died only 10 days before so this year almost felt like the first.

Pablo was home alone…his kids all live hours away. He was also still in a lot of pain.

I had a totally emotional moment…I was just doing dishes. Suddenly it all hit me. Christmas will never be as we knew it. My husband was dead and I was TOTALLY falling for this awesome guy. And this awesome guy was all alone. That made me cry…and cry…and cry.

Finally I messaged Pablo and told him I was having a hard time here. He was so nice and compassionate but told me not to worry about him. Concentrate on my family. So I did the family dinner thing. Then the kids went off and did their own thing. So did I. I went and picked up Pablo and we went to a bar/restaurant where we sat for hours and just talked and laughed. We always have so much fun!

Then the next day…another totally emotional moment. Pablo still hadn’t met my kids. I said something about Pablo’s broken bones and the kids all acted like I wasn’t even talking. I just started crying…again! I felt like we were never going to be able to progress in our relationship if my kids were acting like this! I went outside to clean out my car and just sat in the back seat and cried. Then I messaged Pablo….”I’m crying again!” Poor guy!

Over the last couple of days he has met my kids and several of my friends. He had met my mom, sister and nephew the week before at the mall. They were here from out of state so it all worked out well. I told him they wanted to meet him and he said, “Let’s go!”

The kids are warming up to him and my 6 year old grandson and the dogs like him…lol. If the dogs like him he must be ok!

So now that I’ve written a novel, I have just a few things to share about Pablo.

He is such a sweet, kind, compassionate man. He is a musician born and raised in the Big Apple and has been playing since a very young age…I think like 9 years old.

Pablo as a kid

He currently gigs with several different bands. He plays bass guitar, bongos and congas. Some of the bands do Spanish music, others old time rock and roll & country, Christian music, etc…

He has produced CD’s and YouTube videos to help promote different bands. A very smart and talented guy if I may say so.

Here is one I just LOVE by Abraxas, one of the bands he has played with. Pablo is on the far right.


Anyway, I have talked enough about my Baby ….I just want to say we both really believe it was orchestrated by God that we are together at this time in our lives.

We have decided to take it one day at a time, do it Gods way and at Gods pace. Something that is so new and refreshing for us both.

Everyone should try it…lol!

P.S. You can follow Pablo on YouTube. And if you are looking for a band to play at an event in or around Syracuse, let me know and I’ll pass the word along to him.




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A year of mourning…

My handsome late husband

I haven’t been here in a while as one can obviously see. One year ago today, my husband of less than a year had a tragic accident and was taken home to be with the Lord.

He was working on his work vehicle- a big heavy utility truck- when a jack slipped and the truck fell on him. Or that’s what they think happened. He had the truck jacked up, with tires holding it up on one side, and brake drums on the other. The side of the truck actually “folded” from the weight. This was right in our driveway.

Ironically, it was 2 days after his 50th birthday, 3 days before our FIRST wedding anniversary (though we had been together like 13 years when we got married!)…and it was just 10 days before Christmas. Go figure!

Mr & Mrs. Hollenback…the wedding day! 12/18/11

I just haven’t felt like blogging.

But today I wanted to do a post in honor of my late hubby Ron.

Ron was a unique individual for sure. The youngest of 8 boys, he went straight from the hospital to a “shack”…the family home. This shack was concrete and his father was just building it. The “old shack” was small and covered in tar paper. Something went down in the household and his father left, never to return. Although a couple of the boys were older, the responsibility for loving and supporting all these boys fell upon his mother.

Ron had the utmost respect for his mother, which made me love him all the more. I always tell my daughter to watch how a man treats his mother, that is an indication of how he will treat you. In all the years Ron smoked cigarettes he NEVER smoked in front of his mother. He said he just didn’t feel right doing that.

I think because he saw his mom working so hard, he became a hard worker. Actually 7 out of the 8 boys graduated and all have/had good jobs.  Besides Ron, two of the brothers have passed away in recent years.

After high school Ron went into the Navy. When he got out, he did a couple of years at Coal Muffler, then got a job at a truck repair shop. After many years the place closed.

After a few short months Ron had a new job at CL Enterprises, based out of Manchester, NY. I will have to say he had the most awesome caring boss. This job was totally “on call”  so he could get a phone call at 3 a.m. to go out on the NYS Thruway and fix a truck. I worried about him constantly….people just do not slow down and get in the other lane when they see emergency vehicles on the shoulder. My biggest fear was getting THE phone call…”I’m sorry Mrs. Hollenback, but your husband was killed after being struck by a car while he was working on the highway”. Little did I know the end would happen in my own driveway!

I’m sure a lot of truckers miss him. Many times when they called the break-down service, they would REQUEST Ron! I think he was the BEST Big Rig fixer upper in the Central New York area.

Ron was everyone’s friend. When he walked into a room, you would think Norm from the TV show Cheers was there. Everyone would get a big smile and yell “Ron!”

Because we had some many boys, many of their friends would hang out here. They all got a kick out of Ron. Here are some of Ron’s “Boys” with a girlfriend or two thrown in (the boy’s girlfriends, not Rons… lol)

The gang..my son is in the gray t-shirt up front. Rons son david is in the back with the white hat.

He had a unique sense of humor. One of his favorite jokes (regarding having kids) was “If I knew then what I know now I would have had a farming accident.” Sounds awful but when he said it you would truly crack up.

He loved harassing our neighbor Tammy. We have known Tammy and Bob over 20 years. Tammy’s oldest 3 were girls with the baby being a boy. We were the opposite…Ron had 3 boys (2 whom lived with us) and I had two boys and a girl who was the baby. Watching Tammy go through the trials of raising girls gave Ron a lot of ammunition to raz her…he had something to say about everything! Poor Tammy would just shake her head and say “You wait! Wait till Rylee (our daughter) gets older”.  Well he escaped that torture…lol.

Ron was unforgettable. Up at camp, we had a new neighbor move in. We were sitting around the camp fire one day and I looked over and saw my neighbor struggling to put his awning up. I whispered to Ron that I thought Mike needed help. Ron yells over, “Do you need some help with that?” Mike said he thought he had it. Ron responded, “Are you sure? I can get someone to help you”

Mike’s head whipped around and he said, “Is your name Ron?”  When Ron verified it, Mike said, “You used to work at Coal Muffler?”

Apparently he worked with Ron at Coal Muffler…about 25 years ago!

Ron was truly a kid at heart. I have a picture of him riding my daughters kiddie car. At one time he and the boys had a go kart. They would take off for the day and go riding through fields near the home where he grew up. Then he got a new vehicle (think it was called a Scout- we called it the Box). Ron would take the kids for a ride in the Box…ripping through the woods out back. I never went with them…too scared…I mean they were hitting trees, getting stuck in the mud and all that “fun” stuff! His newest toy was a golf cart that we had acquired for camp. It never made it up there! Ron and the dogs would hop on the golf cart and ride it through the woods to go next door to Bob and Tammy’s.

Ron taking daughter Rylee and dogs for a ride.

He loved our dogs…Rocky was HIS dog, Cosmo was mine. Rocky was clearly depressed after Ron died.

Ron & Rocky BFF’s

Years ago we had goats, chickens, turkeys, etc… When we would go out to feed them I would try not to laugh. I could hear Ron in the “boys” goat house yacking away to them like they were human and he expected them to answer him back! We had a good time back then, but we finally decided to get rid of the animals and buy a camper.


Ron loved camping. I went up to camp this summer a few times. I was pretty busy with my home liquidation business so didn’t get up there a whole lot. Now I’m debating keeping the camper. Things just weren’t the same without Ron and business kept me away most weekends. I’ll have to revisit this in the Spring.


Passed out a camp- poor guy worked all night!

Oh yeah…Ron also LOVED his tractor!


HIS toy!

There is SOOOO much more I can say!


This year has been tough but God and my church family really helped me through. Somehow God got me through emotionally and financially. The wounds are starting to heal….

All I can say is we love you and miss you Ron…hope you had a great birthday party up in heaven the other day.

Oh yeah tell God, Jesus and all my deceased family members I said Hi. See you one day in Paradise!

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I have embarked on a journey that is totally foreign to me- healthy eating!

Oh I tried to get a fruit and vegie in here and there, eat grains and cut back on fats. But in reality, what I ate was a far cry from healthy!

Last week, my pastor at church asked if anyone would be willing to do a corporate fast for 21 days. Thank the good Lord he didn’t mean a total fast-  like water only!

What he proposed was the Daniel Fast- no meat, dairy, yeast products, sugars or alcohol.  I’ll admit I was thinking twice- I mean no meat? No sugar? No cool, yummy glasses of milk? No cheese? No zucchini or banana bread?

What’s left?

Once I thought about it and looked at the Daniel Fast website, I realized there is a lot to eat- I was just a “spoiled brat” when it came to food.

I decided to give it a try!

Last weekend our church had a conference going on and I was working at it. One of the workers offered to prepare food at home to bring in for anyone on the fast.

The first day she brought in meatless chili that had 3 beans in it- kidney, pinto and black beans. It was delicious and honestly, if I didn’t know that it lacked meat I would not have noticed . She also made wild rice which she cooked in either almond or coconut milk (forgot which). That was delicious alone or mixed with the chili.

Our sound man’s wife made him Moosewood Moroccan Stew, which he was kind enough to share. Oh my gosh it was good!

So I’ve been fasting for 3 days and have had some great eats!

I was at church Saturday for the conference and had a black bean soup and wild rice.

All of this was rounded out with fruits and nuts in between meals. Breakfast both days were banana’s with walnuts and almonds, mixed with a little Almond/coconut milk.

I think I like that milk better than normal cows milk!

Last night I subjected the family to the 3 bean chili recipe- I added a bit of diced sweet potato and tofu. Delicious! I also made some wild rice to mix in if desired. We began the meal with a garden salad with almond slices and home-made oil and vinegar dressing.

They survived and admitted they could live without meat a few days a week, so I may institute that!

I found a great recipe on the Daniel fast page for Date Honey. So I made that last night. It’s very simple to make:

Date Honey
1 cup pitted dates (about 6-8 Medjool or 18-20 Deglet Noor)
1 cup water
½ teaspoon cinnamon
Pour dates and water into a small saucepan, making sure dates are completely covered (add additional water if necessary). Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer 45-60 minutes or until dates are very soft and broken down. Remove from heat, and allow to cool slightly for about 15 minutes. Pour mixture (including liquid) into a blender or food processor and puree until completely smooth. Sprinkle in cinnamon and stir well. Store in a sealed container in refrigerator.

This morning I added some of the honey to my oatmeal, along with walnuts, almonds, flax seed and almond and coconut milk. Super yummy!

For snack I made home made tomato juice. I like it hot…both temperature wise and spice wise. I added a hot red pepper minus the seeds. It was too spicy H-O-T! I added a teaspoon of date honey and it made a fantastic drink.

I also had a banana which I scooped into organic peanut butter.

I have to say I have been super energetic- it’s 3:00 p.m. and I’m still going. usually by now I’m dragging and sometimes even take a nap for 20 minutes to an hour.

We had a super-spirit filled day at church yesterday and it’s been with me since….

I can’t wait to see what the next 17 days brings….but I know Thanksgiving dinner is going to taste twice as good as normal.

And I’ll be twice as thankful to eat meat!

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Clay Play

Monday night the ladies at my church met for our first get together.

What did we do? We played with clay!

About 15 woman showed up and we really had a ball!

The woman running the meeting, Karen, asked us to take 1/3 of our clay and make something that is on our heart.

An artist I am not…and my mind was (surprisingly) blank! But then I thought of Violet, our Granddaughter, who I haven’t seen in a couple of months.

My stepson and his family had moved in the day after Ron and I got married- figure that one out! Violet was born during the 7+ months they were here.  Unfortunately, my stepson has some major issues and doesn’t play nice.  After months of everyone being miserable, it was time for him to go.

Now, I guess he has issued orders that we can’t see the kids.

So, I made a little Violet with my clay.

Karen told us to pass our piece to the left, and for the person who got the piece to add something to it. We kept passing each piece left, adding to them until we got our piece back.

Here is how my baby Violet turned out:

Isn’t she adorable?

Of course not as cute as the REAL Violet!

An older picture, but it's been awhile!

The evening was a great success….I haven’t laughed that much in a while and it was a great break away from my woes.

Biggest woe right now: my new business!

Unfortunately, what is in a name can mean alot! I have been trying to get payroll, insurance and compensation all set-up.  I am doing my best to run this gig on the up-and-up.

Well New York has other ideas!

Payroll was easy enough to set up, until I went to get compensation insurance for my employees! Because I have the word “Hauling” in the name, they assume I am a garbage company.

Garbage company sets off a HUGE red flag- I could be hauling hazardous waste, someone could get their arm or even whole body stuck in the back of the garbage truck, etc…

Of course I have no garbage truck. And we aren’t hauling garbage….just some stuff home owners may give me/sell me after a sale.

Compensation wants over $950.00 down-payment and $100′s a month!

Normal liability is also high, with over $500.00 D.P. plus monthly payments.

Hello? This is small business.

I found out that a fellow in church does insurance so I contacted him. He suggested I may want to change the business name to exclude the word ”hauling”.

Probably the best way to resolve this, but now I have to pay the county the fee for a D.B.A. again, and get new cards, signs, website, Facebook & twitter!

I keep trying to have faith, but have to wonder:

When is SOMETHING I try to do going to work out without a hassle..it seems like I just can’t win!

Oh my goodness, I better go pray and have a pow-wow with the Big Daddy in the sky (you know, God?)

I’ll keep you updated on the Granddaughter and business situations!

Have a Wild & Wacky Wednesday!

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Worshipful Wednesday Week 26

TobyMac – Me Without You

Welcome to Worshipful Wednesday!
 Come On Home
I know, I know it’s been a few weeks since I did Worshipful Wednesday, but I’ve been super busy getting my new business off the ground.

Hopefully everyone will forgive me-lol!

This weeks song is by TobyMac and just says it all.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Life Changes

Wow it’s funny how life changes…. our situations, our priorities, our goals for our lives.

I’m sure everyone has noticed that I’m just not blogging like I used to.

After my surgery several years ago, I found it was best to run a home business, which eventually turned into some mega blogging and even blog consulatation.

Granted, my surgery was HUGE and I was somewhat out of commission for a long time. I had a kidney and my spleen removed, resulting in 44 staples and a huge scar across my belly.  I did eventually go back to my job at the town library, but I had so many appointments it just wasn’t fair to the other employees when I had to keep taking time off. Then my daughter started having some medical issues, which we later found out is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Hence the at home business stuff.  My husband had a good job, working 40+ hours a week as a Big- Rig mechanic. We were doing good, so time to take the plunge and try something new!

It has been an adventure for sure and I met some awesome people.

It is extremely hard work for very little money at first. Don’t let anyone fool you on that one! There is no such thing as working 10 hours a week and making 1,000′s. More like working a 1,000 hours a week and making $10.00 – lol!

And companies go down….I learned that one ! Both in the outside world and the inside world of a computer business.  No names mentioned. Just suffice it to say my husbands place of employment shut the doors a few years ago and recently one of my home business companies went into the “Missing in action” mode!

Things have been nuts since getting married in December. My stepson, his girlfriend and kids (3 in all!) moved in.

Blogging? Right…I couldn’t concentrate on anything!

And the kids were fun.

Now they have moved and life is soooo quiet!

And since I got married in December, I lost my health insurance.  Great! I’m supposed to be having scans every year to be alert to Cancer creeping back into my life!

So it’s been on my heart to get back out there and get a job.

I’m 50, get bored easily and need flexible hours to accomodate all these appointments my daughter and I have.  Oh yeah, and I have to make enough to cover my gas back and forth to work with a little left over.

Good luck finding a job with those factors!

So I was kind of griping about it on Facebook one day when a Real Estate buddy suggested doing Estate Sales, and helping people downsize when going into Assisted Living.

That sparked a fire in me! My son and I had actually been talking about the junk hauling and scraping business.

So I combined the two and started a Selling & Hauling business! We’ll also do apartment and house clean-outs.

I have been educating myself on everything hauling and everything estate sales.

We’ve already done the hauling stuff for friends and family in the past and know the routine of going to the dump and the scrap yard. What’s good for scrap and whats for the dump!

The Estate Sales business end is a bit more of a learning experience, but I feel I have a good background for it. My Grandmother was an antique collector/seller and even ran her own flea market for years. My mom had a second hand shop when I was a teen and I was always hanging around there helping out. I even helped at an Estate sale so I know what goes into it.

My plan is to offer hauling services after a sale. Whatever doesn’t sell but is still usable can be donated to Vera House ( a shelter for victims of domestic violence) or to victims of burn outs or anyone else starting over.

I was telling a friend at church about this one Sunday morning.  During announcements, they mentioned that another church member is collecting household goods for someone from Vera House. My friend and I just looked at each other all wide-eyed!

I think that was a sign from God!

I’m still educating myself but feel ready to rock! So last week I got my business liscence and today or tomorrow I’ll be getting business insurance. Cards, signs and T-shirts are on order and flyers are made. I started advertising on Craigslist and created a Facebook and twitter for the business.

The great thing is, I can put 3-4 people to work.  And the referals will be flying! We have a couple of real estate agents at church and I know 3 more RE agents, I know 3 painters, and 2 people that are apartment owners. A friend at church is even starting a new job at an Assisted Living facility!

I think this venture could help alot of people….and it certainly won’t be boring.

And hopefully I can buy myself some health insurance soon.

Whew…that became a life story rather than a few life changes!

Check out my selling and hauling website…and please if you or anyone you know need any of these services, I hope you will consider me.



P.S. I do still have one home business I do because I LOVE the products….you can see them on the right side of this post under Get Healthy & Wealthy!


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