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If I don’t get interrupted, I’ll hop!

It’s Friday and I’m in the mood to blog hop ….providing I don’t get interrupted! Um…the story of my life! So what better place to hop to than Mrs. 444′s place?  Let’s hope this time I remember to leave my … Continue reading

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It’s Grandma’s Day…sort of!

Last night Big Brother told everyone that tomorrow (which is today…lol) is Grandma’s Day. He told me I could do ANYTHING I want on my day. I asked if it was ok even if I went into my bedroom or … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Invitied to Join the The ‘Bro Club!

Yes, dear readers, you heard me right!  Grandma was invited to join the “Bro Club, an exclusive club created by the 4 & 5 year old grandsons (Big Brother and Little Man). This is quite an honor as it started out being just … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…Introducing the Valentines Baby!

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Playdoh, I love you……

Friday Fragments Can I say how much I love Playdoh? Since I started watching the Grand-kids, play-doh has been one of our best friends. It keeps Big Brother busy when Little Brother is napping. It also keeps Little Brother busy … Continue reading

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What was I thinking???

What was I thinking? And I’m not talking the song…. I’m talking about “what was I thinking when I said I would watch 3 kids – all 4 years old or under at once!” I used to do home daycare … Continue reading

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Let’s play the (Penny) auctions!

Penny Auctions….they are all the rage… and so much fun! Friday Fragments As I stated in last weeks post, Little Man is back! And come to find out, he’s back for good! They are moving back from Florida! He doesn’t … Continue reading

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Exciting news!

Wow, it’s hard to believe a whole week has gone by! But that’s ok, it’s Friday! I can fragment everything about my week in one space! Friday Fragments First, the exciting news…. Little Man is back in town!  For those … Continue reading

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